Brithney Rivera - Recipient Update

Meet Brithney Rivera, recipient of our 2019 Undergrad Scholarship.

Brithney is currently studying Computer Art/Animation/Visual Effects at SVA in NYC. Her interests include Writing/Storytelling and she's been building her own website.

Brithney has grown as an artist in the two years since she joined the Support Creativity Community, and we look forward to being an ally in all her future endeavors.

Transcription of full video below:

Hello, my name is Brithney Rivera and I received the Support Creativity scholarship in 2019. I'm a student at the School of Visual Arts here in New York City, and I'm studying computer art, animation and visual effects. Recently, I've just been working on my reel, I'm building up my website, getting a portfolio together, hopefully getting an internship this summer. If not, I'm just gonna freelance my way through the summer.

Tell us about your most recent project:

For side projects, I'm writing a lot and doing a lot of storytelling. One of the things that Support Creativity helped me realize, because they help fund my education, is that I realized how much I love storytelling. So I've just been writing, I've been making a bunch of my own doodles in between classes. And like recently, I'm in the process of making my own pitch Bible for a series. Maybe in the future, I can do that. And that's, I guess, the main hustle project on the side, as I continue my studies.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I think the most important thing I would tell myself, as if I was younger, is to write everything, everything down, like write everything that you experienced down, write down the stories, write down the things you see, if you're on the train for five minutes, you write down what you see on the train for five minutes. Take pictures of everything that you like moments that you enjoy, and videos, because those are things you will look back on and will inspire you to create, continue creating. And remember who you once were because you change so much. So once you get to that position in the future, you forget who you were, and you can remember, and you can connect with other people.

What is your ideal next project/job/gig?

I think my ideal next project or gig would just to be part of some animation team. I'm studying computer animation, I realized I really enjoy modeling. So I would love to be like set dresser or the set modeler for like a little animation, it doesn't have to be like a movie production, just a short animation TV series. That's kind of like my next goal.

How can Support Creativity support you?

And what I want to do so Support Creativity, it's like in the name, you have to support creativity, you have to support one another. What I've learned about the art industry thinks like the first thing I learned with Support Creativity, when I went to that art show two years ago was that artists depend on one another and the connections that they make. And that's how you show your art to the world. So supporting one another and connecting with other artists is like the biggest thing of being an artist. You can't be an artist without talking to other people, like showing your work telling your story. So that's the first important thing, and also helping other artists. So I already received the scholarship. I'm blessed. And thanks to this scholarship. I'm learning so much about something I'm passionate about. Who else can I bring on this journey with me? So that's what's most important thing about Support Creativity.

Make sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram and twitter for more updates!


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