For the Lionhearted

Hien Nguyen

Back when Support Creativity first started in 2013, we had no idea the kind of impact it would have. Thanks to our supporters, we have given over $14,500 in scholarships to students in need.

One of our past recipients is Hien Nguyen who won the Freshman Scholarship in 2016. Hien is a student at Vassar College studying Fine Art and Computer Science. He emigrated from Vietnam as a child and discovered his love for art as an adolescent. Hien used art as a way to express himself.

His submission was his interpretation of love:

Passion - Hien Nguyen

“Love is greater than just roses and rings. Love is a cosmically transcended force that acts upon the human mind like no other. It makes the proud bow and the coward lionhearted. It ebbs and flows through time, sometimes calm, sometimes raging. It makes people as unpredictable as the miracle that it is.”

Hien is determined to continue his art career. His motivation is his mother, who raised him as a single parent giving him all that she could. Hien hopes to make her proud, becoming “lionhearted”: “I will continue to yell as loud and paint as passionate as ever.”

“I want to thank everybody and the organization for your generosity. As a college student, one thousand dollars will go a long way to support my art ambition and career. This means a lot because I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to buy the necessary art materials I'd need for my classes. Thank you, again, so much!” – Hien Nguyen

Because of Support Creativity donors, Hien has been able to continue his studies in Fine Art and Computer Science. With continued support, we will expand this year’s campaign to raise money for our three scholarships. Give today and make a difference in a student’s life.