Donor Highlight - Madelyn

Madelyn Garcia is one of our many donors. She stopped by our office, so we couldn't miss out on the chance to ask her why she supports creativity.

Madelyn says:

I support creativity because I think that it's important for students to get resources and I am a product of resources.

I was able to obtain scholarship money and because of that I am here today and I am able to be successful.

I think it's always important for me to give back because I was given back to.

I always think that you need to pay it forward and help other students along the way as well.


Donors and volunteers provide the support needed to make every year a succes. Our organization grows larger by the year because of the willingness and desire of our supporters.

We want to express our appreciation to all those who have shown generosity in support of our cause. Your personal commitment is incredibly helpful and allows us to get closer to our goal. Your assistance means so much to us but even more to the students whom all of this is for.


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