Thank you! I feel very excited, I don't have many art awards on my shelf, so I guess I can start a little collection now!

Phoenix Echevarria

2020 Recipient

Phoenix Echevarria

Undergraduate Scholarship 2020
University Of Hartford Art School

These pieces are for my AP Art class. In class we're working on our inquiry projects for the AP exam. I've worked really hard all year for all these. Using different mediums and techniques. My inquiry is on death and how the concept of death flourishes in people. Weather that be the fear of death taking hold of our mind to the acceptance of death into our life. For example in my piece, "Dreams" it shows a girl in her dreamscape. We see her desires and her deepest fears. They collide in a way that makes no logical sense. Another example is in, "Am I Pretty Enough?" we see how the fear of death has direct ties to the fear of getting old and being ugly. Because of this the girl in this piece desires to look beautiful. But is attempting to reach for something that is unattainable and could be dangerous to her own health.

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