I'm ecstatic to be receiving this award and to be part of this amazing network to help support creativity far beyond just the scholarship, but with the community it builds.

Jose Benitez

2020 Recipient

Jose Benitez

Graduate Scholarship 2020
The New School
Media Studies
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Dis-Reality explores the relationship with oneself in relation to the rest of society. This video delves into how one may become over-stimulated through the process of staying connected to reality through the use of technology. To counteract the overstimulation, this video depicts metaphorical images of dissociation.

I use the practice of participatory art and transformative media that develops the critical consciousness and leadership of those who take part in the media-making process; create media in ways that are genuinely accountable to the movement base; invite communities to participate in media production; create media strategies across platforms. My goal is to assist in politically educating individuals for self-actualization and for them to advocate for their own rights and their neighbor's rights. This goal can be accomplished by incorporating political education taught in a popular education framework during the media production process.

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