I am extremely grateful to have received this financial award! It brings back hope that more good things are possible and yet to come in my college career. It also serves as a form of proof that if I stick to my passion and remain true to myself, good things will come out of it. Thank you so very much to Support Creativity and the donors for making all of this possible!

Genesis Delgado

2015 Recipient

5 de mayo art II
art 2 project, small skateboard
charcoal sketch
highlighter drawings
indiaink 2
rain bow octopus
screen printing
seconf major project in photoshop 2014-15
skul fairy
small clay objects
very first major project in photoshop 2014
very first oil painting
indiaink speech project on ourselves_edited
experimental water color_edited

Genesis Delgado

Freshman Scholarship 2015
University of North Texas
Studio Arts
About Genesis' Project
Genesis showed her creativity through mediums that we would have not imagined to use, such as highlighters and nail polish. Her mini portfolio clearly showed her emotions and passion for the arts.

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